Hunters for Deer (HFD) is a 501.(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation, dedicated to effectuating a conservationists agenda through the promotion of bowhunting. While other groups profess to be "bowhunting specialists" or provide "solutions" to LI deer issues, only HFD is a state and federally registered not-for-profit and was the first organization to provide property owners with a FREE hunter based program to control deer conflicts on their properties, through our "Need-A-Hunter" program.  HFD's famed "Certified Bowhunter Course" puts our bowhunters through an archery proficiency test and criminal background check, allowing for only the top 5% of Long Island's hunters to be able to fill our ranks.

Southold and East Hampton townships have replicated HFD's Deer Management Program (DMP) for their local only programs, but are unsuccessful because they are limited to a smaller range of successful hunters that live in their area.  HFD continues to help municipalities and deer managers to recruit successful hunters and provide training and support for their local DMP. 

With our involvement, the white-tailed deer in Suffolk County will no longer be considered a public health threat to our residents. The population will maintain healthy levels through proper hunting practices, deer management and conservation; while at the same time forging better communication and education with local residents.

HFD answered the concerns of property owners by creating our Certified Bowhunter program, which puts vetted archers through a vigorous training program and proficiency course. Those that pass our Certified Bowhunter course and participate in our Need-A-Hunter program are considered to be the top bowhunters in Suffolk County.

Our Need-A-Hunter program couples our Certified Bowhunters with participating property owners to target nuisance deer where they are coming into conflict with people. The relationship between a private property owner and a vetted CBH is essential if we are to gain access to residential and suburban areas where 85% of land is privately owned.  Without these relationships, Long Island will continue to fall behind in reducing local deer populations. 

In addition to our Need-A-Hunter program, HFD has recently become a Venison Processor for the NYS Venison Donation Coalition. 

All hunters can now donate their deer at our facility, located at 90 Crescent Street, Yaphank NY 11980, to be processed for needy families across Long Island and distributed by Long Island Cares. It is the goal of HFD to be at the forefront of utilizing deer as a renewable resource, while working with communities to tackle deer overpopulation conflicts and gain access to bowhunters.

HFD is also pursuing a youth hunter mentoring program that introduces youngsters to the thrilling sport of archery and the great outdoors.  Every Friday night from 6pm - 8pm during the summer months, HFD will provide use of our outdoor archery range to children 12 years old and younger for FREE.  Archery is essential in building confidence, strength, and friendships, while preserving the tradition of hunting.  



If you would like to help contribute to the appeal for Hunters For Deer v. Smithtown please click the donation link below.  All money received is used to fight to open and protect hunting opportunities.  Thank you for your support!!