Hunters for Deer (HFD) is a 501.(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation, dedicated to effectuating a conservationist's agenda, through the promotion of management conscious bowhunting. HFD is the first pro-hunting organization to provide private property owners with their very own, vetted and trained Certified Bowhunters (CBH), to address deer conflicts on their properties through our "Need-A-Hunter" deer management program. Property owners now have 3 ways, in which they can participate, in our Need-A-Hunter program:

1- Follow the guidelines to our Need-A-Hunter program and encourage hunters to use your property.

2- Become a Support of Hunters For Deer and gain access to a list of HFD approved Certified Bowhunters, who are trained in our "Bowhunting in Sensitive Environments" and insured through our program.. Click here to join today!

3- Enlist the FREE management services, of Suffolk County Deer Management, to run our Need-A-Hunter program using their Certified Bowhunter members. 

Whether you are a private property owner or a municipality, HFD's Need-A-Hunter deer management program, can be run by a wildlife manager, caretaker, municipal employee or yourself. While a few east-end villages and property associations, have adopted the principals of our HFD Need-A-Hunter program over the past few years, they soon realized that the hardest cornerstone of Quality Deer Management is managing the hunter.  This is why Hunters For Deer is now offering a list of HFD Approved Certified Bowhunters to property owners, who wish to have a vetted and accountable bowhunter, on their property during the bowhunting season.

Our CBH are trained bowhunting professionals, who benefit from ACCESS to deer rich  environments, by providing their unique skill set to property owners who are coming into conflicts with too many deer.

To be awarded the coveted, HFD approved "Certified Bowhunter" moniker and to be listed on our website, the bowhunter must complete the following safeguards:

1- Pass a criminal background check ($50 one time fee) payable to HFD

2- Be a Supporter of Hunters For Deer ($35 annually)

3- Take & Pass the 8 hour "Bowhunting in Sensitive Environments Course" administered by Suffolk County Deer Management ($250 annually)

4- Pass the Archery Proficiency portion of the "Bowhunting in Sensitive Environments Course"administered by Suffolk County Deer Management

5- Abide by the HFD Need-A-Hunter Deer Management Program Rules & Procedures, as well as, sign each page of the CBH Packet-to be kept on file

6- The Certified Bowhunter status is valid for one year of passing the above listed criteria. All CBH will be issued a HFD CBH membership card

The relationship between a private property owner and a vetted CBH is essential in reducing local deer populations. Successful bowhunters, wiling to change their mindset from recreational to management hunting are key, to the efficacy of this program and creating balance between all species living in our communities.

In addition to our Need-A-Hunter program, HFD has a network in place to donate venison to those seeking an alternative protein source. We also donate chopped venison to the NYS Venison Donation Coalition, which is distributed to local families in need, by LI Cares. 

HFD has always advocated for the rights of hunters and property owners. HFD also spearheaded key legislation, granting important archery setback reductions and extended archery and special firearm seasons in Suffolk County. Through our advocacy, Long Island bowhunters have seen hunting opportunities expanded into the Town of Huntington, the Village of Old Field, the Village of Sag Harbor and hopefully in the near future, areas like Head of the Harbor and Port Jefferson Village.  

Recently, HFD challenged the Town of Smithtown over classifying long bows as firearms. This is an important case that was dismissed and we are currently in the appeals process.  If HFD loses against Smithtown, hunting in NYS will no longer be a viable management tool and the NYSDEC will lose control over regulating hunting in local municipalities. If you would like to donate to help HFD continue to fight for access and advocate for private property owners and hunter rights, please click the Subscribe button below to become a Hunters For Deer Member. Thank you for visiting Hunters For Deer.