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HFD Need-A-Hunter Management System 

The white-tailed deer population has been mismanaged on Long Island for the past 10 years and because of this, deer are becoming a nuisance in our everyday lives, outside of their own habitat. We have turned these wild animals into "delinquents" by over building and displacing them. The only way for deer to be able to meet the demands placed upon them, is to maintain a healthy population of the species through proper hunting techniques. HFD focuses on harvesting 40% of the local population of doe deer to effectuate our mission.

HFD "Need-A-Hunter" program, puts property owners in touch with ethical, vetted hunters to remove nuisance white-tailed deer from their properties. HFD Certified Bow Hunters are accomplished archers that offer homeowners the opportunity of managing the deer conflicts on their properties without having to reach into their wallets. Our HFD "Need-A-Hunter" program is completely FREE to property owners.   

  • HFD answered the concerns of property owners by creating the "HFD Certified Bow Hunter" (HFD CBH) program, by partnering with Smith Point Archery, Archery Forum and Thrill of the Hunt Indoor 3D Archery. Our HFD CBH are challenged on a course that consists of various targets at distances between 20 to 40 yards. Successful archers are well accomplished at hitting their target effectively, in the best real-world scenario. Some of our HFD CBH are professional archers, as well as Nuisance Wildlife Control Operators (NWCO's), who are licensed by the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation. HFD has a large network of available hunters spread throughout Long Island and ready to fulfill your goals. All of our hunters come highly recommended and know what it takes to not only take deer effectively, but do it in a way that you would never know they were there. 
  • HFD can also supply hunters skilled at using other implements such as shotguns, crossbows, and muzzleloaders.  Depending on the restrictions on your particular DDP (nuisance permit) or property, we can tailor a management system to fit the needs of your situation and the local deer population. HFD CBH are not on your property to trophy hunt, they are there to lower your deer density by focusing on the removal of female deer. Property owners will notice slower increases in the deer population, less tick interactions and healthier plantings by participating in our program. Farmers wanting hunters that are reliable, successful and available, will benefit from have a HFD CBH because we are not there for the trophy; we are there to take the stress off of the deer and off of the property owner.