HFD Need-A-Hunter Deer Management Program 

Our "Need-A-Hunter" deer management program has proven to be the only effective tool in reducing deer numbers in residential areas... and the best part is... it’s free! The success of partnering property owners (with too many deer) and hunters (looking for deer hunting access) is a simple concept, but placing the needs of the property owner first, is what makes our program so successful. Hunters For Deer (HFD) makes it easy to form a symbiotic relationship between a property owner and a hunter, because we take precautions to earn your trust, through accountability. Hunters For Deer realized early on, that there was a need for successful “management” hunters and so we created our brand of Certified Bowhunters (CBH), who are vetted, criminal background checked, put through our “Bowhunting in Sensitive Environments Course” and insured.

Recreational hunting and management hunting are two different disciplines.  Our Certified Bowhunters are not looking for fair-chase trophy hunting opportunities, they are on your property to remove deer, through site specific bowhunting practices.  Our CBH are professional and work on your property inconspicuously.  HFD’s Need-A-Hunter program is designed to be just like having a lawn service company or pool guy visit your property, only we come to hunt.   The benefit to you giving our hunters access, is less deer... the benefit to our hunters, is access to deer rich areas.

Every property owner has specific reasons that have brought them to consider hunting as a management tool.  Whether they are familiar with the hunting culture or not, our goal is to provide them with a deer management program that will meet their expectations, without adding additional conflicts to their lives.  By vetting and training our Certified Bowhunters, HFD is confident that we can provide you with the most effective and trusted-professional bowhunters on Long Island.  

Our Need-A-Hunter deer management program runs from October 1st to January 31st and is free to property owners, who use our Need-A-Hunter program, managed by Suffolk County Deer Management. Property owners have three ways that they can participate in our Need-A-Hunter program:

Hunters for Deer (HFD) is a 501.(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation, dedicated to effectuating a conservationist's agenda, through the promotion of management conscious bowhunting. HFD is the first pro-hunting organization, to provide private property owners with their very own, vetted and trained Certified Bowhunters (CBH) to address deer conflicts on their properties through our "Need-A-Hunter" deer management program. Property owners have 3 ways in which they can participate in our Need-A-Hunter program:

1- Follow the guidelines to our our Need-A-Hunter program and encourage hunters to use your property.

2- Become a Supporter of Hunter For Deer and gain access to a list of HFD approved Certified Bowhunters, who are trained in our "Bowhunting in Sensitive Environments" and insured through our program... Click here to join today!

3- Enlist the FREE management services, of Suffolk County Deer Management, to run our Need-A-Hunter program using their Certified Bowhunter members. 

Of the four cornerstones of Quality Deer Management, Hunter Management is the most difficult, but rest assured that regardless of your decision, our CBH are all management conscience hunters. Our Need-A-Hunter deer management program is not a recreational hunting program. It is not about fair-chase. It is about reducing the conflicts that property owners are having with deer in a professional manner. Our Need-A-Hunter program has strict policies to ensure that the CBH will focus on management hunting and NOT recreational hunting. Below are some guidelines to install from our Need-A-Hunter program:

- make sure you have 150' setback from the stand location and a neighbor's home that does not give you permission to be within the archery setback

- put your hunter through an archery proficiency test consisting of shooting from his stand at 20 yards. or...

- enroll in HFD's Certified Bowhunter program and pass our "Bowhunting in Sensitive Environments Course" and the archery equipment proficiency test

- shoot (2) does prior to shooting (1st) buck and (3rd) doe before (2nd) buck

- hunter must operate inconspicuously

- Do not leave gut piles on property

- Clean up any evidence of a harvest

- No stalking of deer on property

- Use a deer sled to transport harvest off of property

- hunter must have their NYS Hunting License ID# on their arrows

- Make every effort to recover deer that has been shot

- hunter must abide by NYSDEC hunting rules and regulations, as well as, village, town and state laws

- Only white-tailed deer may be taken on property

- hunter should be respectful and professional

- have hunter sign an indemnity waiver

- sign a hunting consent form (property owner)

- hunter should be insured

Please call 631.445.7568 or send an email to dmp@huntersfordeer.org for more detailed information on our Need-A-Hunter Deer Management Program.


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