Southampton Village Deer Management Program

Southampton Village has a relatively large year round population, at approximately 3,100 residents. It has 2 - 3x the population of any of the other villages or hamlets in the Hamptons. As a result, it is the most densely populated and most built up of the communities in the Hamptons. With a large commercial district, vast beaches, mixed residential lots, large estate section and community preserved lands, Southampton Village is also supporting a large population of white-tailed deer.

With so much edge habitat, empty wood lots, cattail marshes and a sundry of landscaped properties, Southampton Village residents are coming into daily conflicts with deer, that are thriving in this setting. Without an immediate bowhunting program to deal with the deer population, SHV will continue to see an increase in tick borne diseases, vehicle vs. deer collisions and the destruction of indigenous and ornamental plant species. Hunters For Deer has been providing our HFD Need-A-Hunter Deer Management Program to property owners for the past 5 years for free and with proven success. 

HFD's Need-A-Hunter Deer management program, runs criminal background check on all of our HFD Certified Bowhunters (CBH) and puts our hunters through our detailed residential training program "Bowhunting in Sensitive Environments Course". Our CBH are also given an archery proficiency test and must be vetted through our membership consisting of USA Archery Instructors, Nuisance Wildlife Control professionals and NYSDEC Hunter Education Instructors. All of our CBH also are insured while on your property. Our HFD "Need-A-Hunter" program is completely FREE to all property owners wanting to participate in the program during the regular hunting season from October to January.  

Of the four cornerstones of Quality Deer Management, Hunter Management is the most difficult. This is why, every property owner should take the time to chose a hunter that is management conscience. Our Need-A-Hunter deer management program is not a recreational hunting program. It is not about fair-chase. It is about reducing the conflicts that property owners are having with deer. All of our new HFD CBH must:

- pass our "Bowhunting in Sensitive Environments Course" and our Archery Equipment Proficiency test

- shoot (2) does prior to shooting (1st) buck and (3rd) doe before (2nd) buck

- follow HFD Rules and Procedures

- follow state and local laws, as well as, NYS ECL laws

- operate inconspicuously 

- be respectful and professional

- put their hunting license back tag doc# on their arrows

- sign an indemnity waiver for our properties

- remove harvested deer with a plastic sled


To participate in our Need-A-Hunter Deer Management Program from October to January, please click the link below and complete the consent form.

Property Owner Consent Form click here....


All venison taken from your property will be utilized for human consumption.

White-tailed deer damage management fact sheet